The Complete Communication Skills Master Class for Life

Size: 47.35 GB Torrent Communication Skills for Persuasion, Assertiveness and all Business Communication Needs   What you’ll learn   Communicate confidently in all business and personal situations Communicate in an understandable manner Communicate in a memorable way Communicate and influence people Requirements A cell phone, tablet or computer with a webcam A willingness to practice […]

End-To-End Machine Learning: Time-Series Analysis

Size: 1.35 GB Torrent Build a weather predictor using python   What you’ll learn   Build a weather predictor using python. Use autocorrelation to build time-series features. Detect and remove seasonal trends. Handle missing values. Download and ingest csv-formatted data. Handle dates in with a custom python converter. Evaluate a time-series model’s performance. Requirements Some […]

Machine Learning With Javascript 2020

Size: 10.10 GB Torrent Master Machine Learning from scratch using Javascript and TensorflowJS with hands-on projects.   What you’ll learn   Assemble machine learning algorithms from scratch! Build interesting applications using Javascript and ML techniques Understand how ML works without relying on mysterious libraries Optimize your algorithms with advanced performance and memory usage profiling Use […]